Learn to Dive


Learning to scuba dive is a life changing experience and allows you to see places that few people have had the opportunity to explore. Over seventy percent of the world is underwater and becoming a qualified diver is your license to jump in and enjoy!

Your first step in becoming a certified scuba diver is the RAID Open Water 20 course. We are currently offering a great savings opportunity over the winter period. Normally running at $445,  this quality course, if completed before the end of August 2017, is only $199 + $80 for online theory. The same quality training, same instructors, same extended learning time, all for less!

From there you have so many options of places you can take your new found interest!

Perhaps you’d like to gain more experience and become a more well rounder diver? We can take you through the RAID Advanced 35 Course and the RAID Master Rescue Course!

Maybe you’d like to turn your new hobby into an exciting career opportunity? We can take you up through Divemaster and Instructor levels!

Maybe you’d like to explore shipwrecks down in the deep? Why not try technical and wreck training!

We would love to talk to you about your options and interests!