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Boat dives to such spots as The Pinnacle, Latitude Rock and Colours.

Terrigal (wreck)

Visit the ex HMAS Adelaide.

Nelson Bay

Boat dives out to Broughton and Cabbage Tree island were an great dive can be had, or Any of the many shore dives like The Pipeline, Fly Point or Halifax.

Channel Drift Dives

From either the Red Head Boat shed to the Bridge or from the Bridge to Coon Island (and vice versa for both) great wall dives with eels, octopus, estuary cod, etc to be found.

Swansea Channel

Possibly the premier dive for the area. A shore dive best done on high tide where schools of Kingies / Taylor / Mullett / Bream / bait fish are regularly found. Add to this puffer fish, pineapple fish, eels, octopus and enough nutrient passing through here so it resembles more a wreck dive than bridge.

Flagstaff Beach (also known as The Log)

A shallow shore dive (6-7m) on the South side of the Swansea Channel. Containing large boulders and sand areas it allows Grey Nurse, Wobbegong and Port Jackson Sharks to live together with large schools of Kingies, Taylor (seasonal), stripies and the occasional turtle.

Catherine Hill Bay

Currently entry to all sites is via the beach due to development occurring on the southern point. Dive sites include: • Wreck of SS Wallarah – Laying in about 7m of water to the south of the 2nd last pier on the coal loader. Main feature remaining is the old boiler and engine block. •… Read more »