Social Night!

It’s on again!

This is an event not to be missed! Meet new dive buddies, socialise, get informed on up coming events, learn about diving products and save money on special event items!

This month we are lucky enough to host Erika – an avid Dive Master who has been diving for about 25 years. She dived in Sydney for 10 years while living there, before moving to the Central Coast 15 years ago, and spent a number of years assisting instructors running Open Water, Advanced, Rescue and other Speciality courses. She still loves the excitement in wide-eyed new divers when they encounter our mesmerising underwater world for the first time. She now mostly dives recreationally with a group of mad die hard divers at Norah Head! Erika dives most weekends and has dived in New Zealand, Philippines, North Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea and of course the pinnacle for her…Antarctica! Going to Antarctica was a lifelong dream of hers since she was a small child. When she started diving the dream expanded to dive the most remote and spectacular place in the World, which she finally did last year for her 50th. Now Erika is coming to share her experience and adventures with us! She will bring her “dress to kill” kit to personally show us what she wore to keep her under the icy water of Antarctica!

Date : Thursday 26/7/18
Time : 18:30 – Late
Location : The Gunyah

Call, email, message or stop into the shop to let us know if you can make it! Looking forward to catching up with everyone soon!