Catherine Hill Bay

Currently entry to all sites is via the beach due to development occurring on the southern point. Dive sites include:

  • • Wreck of SS Wallarah – Laying in about 7m of water to the south of the 2nd last pier on the coal loader. Main feature remaining is the old boiler and engine block.
  • • Wreck of the Shamrock – About 200m off shore from The Catherine Hill Bay SLSC in 8m of water. Best dived after storms have moved sand from the area as more of the wreck is uncovered.
  • • Coal Loader – the dominating feature of the Bay, a shallow dive that goes to about 11m. Under and about the coal loader will be found a plethora or ships chains, cables and hardware including the remains of the SSWallarah.
  • • Area to the south of the loader – Calmest entry and exit point for the area, a shallow dive with schooling fish and like the loader a plethora or ships chains, cables and hardware. Follow a chain and see what you end up with.
  • • Desoto Inlet – on the southern side of the south point, about 80m long and 10m wide. It gets its name from an Old Desoto motor vehicle driven off the cliff into the inlet. A shallow dive (6 – 16m) consisting of overhangs, large rocks, kelp, yellowtail, silver sweep seapike, with possible flathead, Port Jackson sharks and small rays.