Open Water 20

Diver giving thumbs up.

You want to become a diver! Great.

Your first step in becoming a certified scuba diver is the RAID Open Water 20 course. For only $445, you will receive extra training days and smaller classes that we truly believe result in being certified as a more skilled and safer diver!

Whether your diving is to:

  •  travel and explore the 70% of earth you can’t currently gain access to,
  •  to experience the feeling of weightlessness (the closest most of us will get to feeling like an astronaut!),
  •  check out the weird and wonderful sea creatures, wrecks, caves and other submerged wonders,
  •  go to the edge of your personal and/or mans limits
  •  or simply chill out with no phone reception you need to start somewhere!

Becoming a diver is a fun and exciting process. It involves self-paced online study, review with one of our instructors, time in the pool mastering the skills needed to dive safely and comfortably, and 4 dives in the ocean transferring your new knowledge to the marine environment. Upon successful completion of your course you will graduate with an internationally recognized Open Water diver certification allowing you to explore the underwater world to a maximum depth of 20m with your dive buddy.

Your training will be comprehensive, fun and of a world class standard.This enables you to become a safe, confident and comfortable diver and best of all, your training is structured to suit you!

This course is run over a 4 day period. Once you have signed up for your training, you will be sent a unique online login to our RAID website where you can study dive theory in the comfort of your own home.

We meet the Saturday before your in-water training begins to fit you with equipment, give you a tour around the shop to familiarise yourself with the gear that you will be using, filling out paperwork, getting to know your class and giving you time to ask any questions you may have before your in-water training begins.

Open water training is done over the course of 3 days, 1 full day in the pool and 2 days of open water diving. The purpose of your pool training will be to make sure you are comfortable in your equipment and to practice vital under water skills, emergency procedures and hopefully having a bit of fun while we’re at it! We will spend the next 2 days completing 4 ocean dives in the local area. We will have the opportunity to do at least one dive under the famous Swansea Bridge and one at another local shore diving spot. The last 2 dives will be boat dives onboard the Moorish Idol out to Moon Island!

Weekends don’t suit your schedule? Not a problem. Book yourself on to one of our 3 day midweek courses for only $379! Ask us in the shop for more details.

This course includes online theory, instructor fees, smaller classes with a maximum of 4, 4 confined water dives, 4 open water dives, all scuba specific equipment (cylinder, weights, BCD, regulator, wetsuits, dive computer) and lifetime certification that is recognised worldwide. The only personal items you will need to provide are your mask, snorkel, boots and fins!

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